Saturday, May 5, 2012

President Obama's campaign has to create fake people to distract from how his abysmal policies have failed real people

Unemployment is still running at dangerous levels. Millions of Americans have no job and are losing their homes and hope for the future. Divorce and suicide are on the rise and many middle class families and singles are finding themselves now living at poverty levels. The number of businesses closing their doors continues to rise as many owners can no longer operate in the black. Rising healthcare costs are forcing more Americans to drop their health insurance as they can no longer afford it. Even some businesses are opting to drop their health benefits as it will be cheaper for them to pay the penalty than provide health coverage for their employees.

Life in America has deteriorated so far that President Obama and his campaign staff have resorted to creating a fictitious woman with a fictitious life to show single women how the government will take care of them.

In his latest attempt to lure single female voters, Obama tells them about Julia as he presents a slide show depicting her life of government dependence. It starts out with young Julia enrolling in a Head Start program. As she becomes a young adult, she works as a web designer and receives free contraceptives, although she still gets pregnant and raises a child by herself receiving government aid. Julia ages to around 65 years of age when she retires and volunteers her time in a community garden, still relying on the government to take care of her.

Supposedly, this scenario is intended to assure all of the single women in America that the government will always be there to take care of them. He is counting on the fact that they are too inept to realize that this is exactly how communist countries like China promise to take care of their people.

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