Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lets see - We need to cut the national spending

House Votes to Protect 2013 Budgets for Its Offices
Published: June 9, 2012
Members of the House of Representatives voted on Friday to protect their office expense accounts from further budget cuts. The 307-to-102 vote came on a $3.3 billion measure financing Congressional operations for the 2013 fiscal year. In two spending bills for previous years, Republicans imposed cuts on House operations. House office budgets, officially called the “members’ representational allowance,” have been cut by a total of 13 percent since the 2010 fiscal year, when they reached a record $660 million under a Democratic-controlled Congress. The latest measure represents an overall financing cut of 1 percent, mainly through paring back repairs to the Capitol dome.
Can anyone see the problem with this attitude? The Capital dome should be repaired but the money allotted to each member of Congress should be cut by 13% (again?). $660 million to run 536 congressional offices ... over $1.2 million / member of Congress.  It of course does not work that way the Speaker of the House and Mr. Harry Reid get much more than that and junior members get much less. To run their office in a publicly provided office building!

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