Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Protect the Internet

Barack Obama plans to, any day now, issue an illegal executive order, giving himself sweeping powers over the internet.  He is trying an unconstitutional end-run around the U.S. Congress.

He claims that he needs these powers to prevent computer hackers and terrorists from attacking the internet.

Baloney.  This Executive Order will allow the federal government to spy on American citizens.  It will give the Department of Homeland Security the power to force private internet companies to turn over all of their data to the federal government.

The conservative U.S. Justice Foundation opposes this order.  The liberal ACLU opposes this order.

I oppose this order, and you should, too!

Please stop Barack Hussein Obama from implementing this illegal executive order.  Cut off any funding that could be used to implement it.  File suit in federal court.  Even shut down the entire U.S. Senate if you have to.

Barack Hussein Obama must be stopped!

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