Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How the Left wins this election

Just a wild guess, but America will see the highest number of voter fraud cases this year than has ever been seen before.

Let’s think about it for a minute.  We have the King of Community Organizers sitting in the White House just about ready to lose his job.  He leads by example through lies, corruption, cover ups, extortion … anyway you get the drift.  Many of those that follow him will beg, borrow, cheat and steal in order to keep the Socialist seated so they can maintain their dependency on the tax paying citizen sponsored entitlements.  While some choose to visit several precincts using their actual name casting multiple ballots, others will use non-descript names of the dead, cartoon characters and sports figures.  I can picture boxes of absentee ballots somewhere in an ACORN owned home with all the community organizers sitting around filling them out.  Maybe I just have a wild imagination.

How many “illegals”, aka non-citizens, will be voting this round. I am not for sure why the Mexican community would want to keep this president in office.  Their unemployment rate is one of the highest and Obama has yet to present any type of Immigration Plan.  What am I thinking, it must be the free food stamps, healthcare (not yet Obamacare), and the education their Niño’s receive.  

This election is one of the most important in this era.  In order to repeal the massive health care plan this administration and the Supreme Court has forced down our throat, the Republicans must not only win the Presidency but they must maintain the majority in the House and replace enough democrats with conservatives in the Senate to make a reconciliatory repeal.  Several states have close Senatorial races that could be compromised if voter fraud is not recognized and halted.

With less than two weeks to go before the election, Virginia’s Representative James Moran’s (D) staff was caught on video discussing a strategy to use forged documents to cast ballots for citizens that rarely vote.

More recently, van loads of native born Somalis were bussed into Columbus, Ohio so they could cast their votes.  Most did not speak English and needed a translator which they received.  The translator just happened to be from the Democrat Party.  How convenient!  My feelings may be biased but if one can’t read, write and speak our language, how can a knowledgeable vote be cast?

There must be an intimidation factor here, however it is undefined. It seems to be that Conservative billboards that state the truth and the law are now looked down upon. (Reuters) – More than 140 billboards in Ohio and Wisconsin warning of the criminal consequences of voter fraud will be taken down starting on Monday after the sponsor chose to remove them rather than reveal his identity, the billboard owner said.

This administration not only has a handle on how to cheat the voting system by adding false entities to the count but it also knows how to contain and minimize the votes against them.  I can understand the difficulty in shipping absentee ballots oversees to our military men and women, having them complete the vote and getting it returned to the proper state.  With an adequate amount of time for shipment, disbursement and return, this shouldn’t be such a quandary as we see each election cycle.

On October 19, 2012, a transport plane crashed at Shindad Air Base that was supposedly carrying absentee ballots to our forces in Afghanistan. Sorry, but I do not believe one word this administration tells us and I have reason to never believe anyone associated with the regime.  After the Benghazi incident, sequestration and the hollowing out of our military, I have a good idea how our soldiers would be voting and that is a good enough reason for the government to suppress their vote by any means imaginable.

One last intimidation factor at the polls are thugs like “The New Black Panthers” and gang-bangers like them.  Stated with a little sarcasm, Eric Holder, Atty. General, sent a strong message to them after the 2008 elections.  After incidents of bullying at given precincts were reported, Holder said nothing and did nothing to bring it to an end.  In the larger cities, don’t be surprised to see this type of activity to be on the increase.  I can think of a few ways to handle this problem, but I will leave that up to your imagination.

If the Democrats can’t win the election through voter fraud, suppression or intimidation, there is possibly one last means of Hi-jacking the election.  I know for a fact, SCYTL, a business located in Spain that specializes in “electoral security technology” and electronic voting applications, will be finalizing the voter count in 900 jurisdictions or twenty-six states.  The initial vote count is the responsibility of each jurisdiction to maintain integrity.  Once again, maybe it is just my wild imagination but George Soros owns this company and I believe our rules are thrown out the window when this man, along with this administration, is involved.  I have heard both sides of this argument.  I will leave it up to you to come to the final conclusion.

This election is one of the most important elections in generations;  One that will determine a path toward a dictatorial socialist nation or a path back towards the Constitution and a more friendly free market economy.  “We the People”, the Christians, the Constitutionalists and the Conservatives must stand strong and show up in numbers never seen.  We can win this election but our battle has only just begun.

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