Friday, October 12, 2012

Joe Biden is rude, lying and condescending

I watched a large portion of the vice presidential debate last night between Vice President Joe Biden and Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan and was ashamed of our sitting VP.

Joe Biden consistently interrupted and did his best to prevent Paul Ryan from being able to get his point across.  He would sit and laugh with an air of disdain and mockery.  Biden also consistently called everything Ryan said a lie and inaccurate when in fact much of what Biden was saying was inaccurate and lies.

Biden also consistently put words and policies in Ryan’s mouth that he’s been told time and time again that those things are NOT what they have said or propose.  Every time Ryan tried to explain what their policies were, Biden interrupted and tried to again put lies in Ryan’s mouth.

Biden accused Ryan of not answering the questions, yet Biden never did answer the first question asked to start the debate.  When Ryan tried to actually answer the first question, Biden sat back with his Snidely Whiplash jeering snicker intentionally to draw attention away from Ryan.  I never saw Ryan treat Biden with the same disdain and contempt.

Biden said that the Obama administration picked two Supreme Court Justices that had open minds and no agenda.  If the policies of Sotomayor and Kagan are not defined as agendas, then what would you call them?  That was one of the most blatant lies of the entire debate.

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