Friday, November 30, 2012

Now that you have won reelection Mr. Obama

Ok, now that the election is over, Mr. Obama, what about job creation? 

What about getting serious about lowering our national debt with realistic spending cuts? 

How about fixing our soaring energy costs and utilizing our natural resources instead of shoving imaginary, pie-in-the-sky alternative energy sources down our collective throats?

How about you get off the coal industry’s back over carbon emissions while the Chinese continue to belch more carbon in the air than we could ever even come close to producing?

Show us your “comprehensive” immigration plan that will realistically protect our borders and not put 11 million mostly unskilled Mexicans in front of the line that other LEGAL immigrants have been waiting in for years! 

While you’re at it, why don’t you explain to the American people what Operation Fast & Furious was really all about! 

Why don’t you tell us what really happened in Benghazi, Libya, to cause you to sacrifice the lives of four Americans? (Hint: try short answers and no BS.)

Would you mind telling those of us on Social Security, Social Security Disability, and Medicare & Medicare Advantage how we  are supposed to benefit after you and your Progressives have removed $716 BILLION from Medicare to use as seed money for Obamacare? No, Mr. Obama, we don’t want to dance with you or your talking heads verbally; just a real simple straight answer will suffice.

Now that you have pulled out all the stops to gain the Office of the President of the United States again, Mr. Obama, are you going to start acting like the grownup in the room; or will your temper tantrums continue to mask your lack of leadership? The world is on fire, Mr. Obama; and you need to quit sucking up to the Muslim Brotherhood and figure out who our friends are and stop trying to appease our enemies. Try finding someone outside your Progressive circle of thugs who really knows something about foreign affairs, will you?

Are you and Vladimir Putin going to get together again now that you have more “flexibility to deal”? 

What are you willing to give the Russians in exchange for them liking you? Our missile defense secrets? Maybe the locations of all our ballistic missile subs so that the Russians won’t have to find them on their own? How about we pull out of all the places around the world that our Russian “buddies” don’t want us to be? I know! We let Putin reconquer all the Eastern European countries that they lost when the old Soviet Union collapsed! Hey, what a Christmas gift that would be!

When are you going to explain to the American people that you are going to be putting millions more out of work when your EPA fully implements their new draconian regulations for 2013? 

How many more community and local banks are you going to kill off because of the ridiculous “Dodd-Frank” bill, Mr Obama? I thought that you didn’t like “fat cat” bankers and financiers. Must be that the shakedown for political campaign donations was pretty successful, huh?

Is it really true that you’re forming a proletarian guard out of the New Black Panthers, Mr. Obama? After all, they did such a bang-up job of voter intimidation in Philadelphia that they should be rewarded by your Thugocracy for their loyalty!  If you get the Republicans to cave in on tax increases for the rich, are you going to increase Michelle’s travel expenses, especially for the holiday season? Have her send us poor peons postcards so that we can dream of exotic places right along with her.

When are you going to officially present your Attorney General’s idea of creating two separate sets of laws, one for blacks and one for whites in this country? 

All in all, Mr. Obama, I would say that you need to get busy if you’re really going to keep all the promises that you made to all the people to get their vote. You have four years to create a legacy for yourself, Mr. Obama; how do you realistically want history to remember you? 

When you do something that benefits ALL Americans, I will be the first to congratulate you. So far, however, you have not shown any leadership skills worth noting, and you now have NO ONE to blame for the last four years. What are you going to do now? Elections do have consequences, Mr. Obama. 

Are you up for the job this time? 

We’ll see. 

Merry Christmas.

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