Sunday, December 2, 2012

UK Children taken from Foster parents due to political affiliation

If you don’t think it could happen here in the US, think again.   A U.S. couple were foster parents and had two school age foster children living with them.  The children had been with them since they were infants.  When a new children services case worker visited, she was outraged that the couple was taking the kids to church and Sunday school.  She immediately ruled that the foster parents were causing undo mental and emotional harm by forcing their religious views on the children.  The kids were immediately removed from the home and placed with a non-church attending family.

When the foster parents asked her to justify her actions, she said that the kids needed to wait until they were old enough to make their own decision on what religion, if any, they wanted to pursue.  In other words, she wanted the kids raised with her religion of atheism rather than the couple’s Christian religion.  The original foster parents fought to get the foster kids, but when it appeared the social worker was about to lose, she made a number of other false accusations about how the kids were being treated and the conditions they were living in.  Sadly, the whole thing was so emotionally damaging on the parents that they decided they would no longer serve as foster parents and pulled out of the program.  Incidentally, the foster mother ended up having an emotional breakdown and needed long term counseling and medical care.

Any of you out there who are foster parents or thinking about being foster parents, I can’t urge you strongly enough to do it because there are so many kids that need a good stable home environment.  However, you also need to be aware that you may encounter social workers who have different religious and political views than your own and they may take action based on those differences.

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