Friday, February 1, 2013

Heroic Mom saves twins

A mother’s use of a gun in self-defense sent shockwaves across the nation as Americans are embroiled in a raging gun control debate. CBS News out of Atlanta, Georgia, reported on the story. The mother, who was home with only her nine-year old twins, saw a suspicious man outside her window on January 4 around 1 p.m. The woman called her husband, who was at work, and told him about what was happening. Her worst fears were confirmed when the strange man began trying to break in a door with a crowbar. The husband immediately called 911 to report what was happening, while simultaneously staying on the phone with his wife and talking her through the traumatic ordeal.

The husband kept his cool and gave his wife the best advice he could. He told her to get their .38-caliber revolver. The husband had just taken his wife to a range a few weeks earlier and showed her how to fire a pistol. He told her, as was recorded on the 911 call, “Just remember everything that I showed you, everything I taught you, all right?” The intruder burst into the house and heard the screaming of the mother and her children. Highlighting his deadly intentions, the criminal chased after the woman and her children as they fled, following them into the attic. The mother readied her weapon, and her husband encouraged her to shoot the intruder. She had her gun ready when the suspect opened the door to the crawlspace where they were hiding. The woman frantically fired her gun to defend her life and the lives of her children. The shouts of the husband can be heard from the 911 calls. “Shoot him again! Shoot him!” She continued to fire until she used all six of her bullets. Five shots hit the attacker. The injured assailant fled the scene in his automobile, but crashed the car into a nearby wooded area, owing to the wounds he suffered. The injured burglar was hospitalized in intensive care, and authoritiesreported that he had an extensive criminal record. The husband was grateful that his family was saved thanks to the bravery of his wife. “My wife is a hero. She protected her kids. She did what she was supposed to do as a responsible, prepared gun owner,” he told news affiliate WSB.

Sheriff Joe Chapman agreed that the mother had no choice but to defend herself and her children. Chapman told the news that “had it not turned out the way that it did, I would possibly be working a triple homicide, not having a clue as to who it is we’re looking for.”

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