Friday, March 22, 2013

Liberal Media and Harry Reid's Lies

The leftist media are now officially shameless. Senator Harry Reid disgraced the Senate floor by linking the tiny budget cuts known as the sequester to seven Marines dying in a terrible accident.

ABC, CBS, and NBC gave this outrageous lie ZERO seconds of coverage. They censored one of the most disgusting lies ever uttered by a Senator on the Senate floor.

I never cease to be appalled by the stories the liberal media will censor in order to advance the radical Left's dangerous agenda. But this time they have gone too far. If Senator Reid had an ounce of honor, he would immediately resign. We know he doesn't, so he won't. If the liberal media had an ounce of integrity, they would be holding Harry Reid accountable. But they aren't because as the loyal propagandists for the far left, the media's main job is to censor outrageous lies pushed by liberal politicians.

Despite their deplorable censorship of Harry Reid's unconscionable "political posturing on the backs of dead Marines" as one Marine accurately put it, the so-called "news" media still claim to be the guardians of the truth and the voice of record. It's absolute madness.

You'll be shocked by what they're censoring. You won't believe what ABC's Good Morning America edited to protect Michelle Obama. Find out what they "left out" of the interview.

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