Sunday, March 31, 2013

They finally read the bill, Part Deux

I won’t go as far as calling this an Easter miracle, but it is noteworthy. The Democrats crafted the rotten Obamacare law, and then voted for it before they read it all, and now they want to repeal parts of it. It’s amazing that these incompetents managed to continue winning elections. But I suppose when the media allows them to get away with blaming the other side for their own failures, anything is possible.

First they said they want to repeal the medical device tax, now this:

A big political story this year is likely to be Democrats turning on their White House minders as the harmful and unpopular parts of the Affordable Care Act ramp up. On the heels of the recent 79-20 Senate uprising against the 2.3% medical device tax, now comes the surge of Democrats pleading on behalf of Medicare Advantage.

Liberals have claimed for years to hate this program, but by now Advantage provides private insurance coverage to more than one of four seniors. And those seniors like it.

However, the ObamaCare true believers who run the Health and Human Services Department don’t answer to voters, and they have written draft regulations that cut Medicare Advantage even more deeply than Congress mandated in the Affordable Care Act. Those cuts will bite hardest in states like Oregon (where 42% of Medicare beneficiaries use Advantage), or Florida (37%), New York (33%), California (37%) and Arizona (38%).

The extra cuts stem from HHS’s discretion and were dropped from the sky with no warning in February. More than a few Democrats seem to have caught the anvil. Some 139 Members of Congress have formally objected in 16 letters to HHS so far, and the signers include 26 Democrats in the House and 13 in the Senate. (Read More)

Those 13 in the Senate include New York Senator Chuck Schumer and his little puppet Kirsten Gillibrand. Maybe the next time they’ll read the legislation before they vote for it.  Then again, that might be asking a bit too much of these mental midgets, who only seem capable of showing up for photo-ops and mugging for the cameras

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