Saturday, May 25, 2013

FBI Locks Up an Afghanistan Marine Veteran, Because He’s Nuts.

Written by Gary North on May 22, 2013

The FBI arrested a man because he posted inflammatory material on Facebook. They say he is crazy. They put him in a mental institution.

On whose word? A psychologist, who spent 15 minutes with him.

That is all it takes in America for the FBI to get you.

His mother started posting on Facebook about this. The posts went viral.

My friend John Whitehead, a Constitutional lawyer, intervened. He runs the Rutherford Institute. The Institute is named after Samuel Rutherford, the Scottish theologian who wrote Lex Rex, and who was part of the Puritan revolt against King Charles I.

Whitehead says that every year in the state of Virginia, 20,000 people are forcibly incarcerated for mental illness.

This is surely very good business for people running mental facilities. It’s guaranteed business.

A judge has granted him his freedom. If his mother’s Facebook posts had not gone viral, and if Whitehead had not intervened, he would still be locked up.

What does this tell me? That Facebook can beat the government. The FBI went after him because of Facebook, and the case blew up on them after his mother posted her articles on Facebook.

I searched Google for “Brandon Raub.” I got 97,000 hits.

The government gets more lawless, but technology is ahead of the government.

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