Monday, May 20, 2013

Political Speak

Steven Miller's Marching Order (IRS Infamy)

Feign indignation and object to their definitions. Substitute nonjudgmental, inaccurate alternatives. Miller seems highly offended by the word TARGET. He feels it is...what's the adjective...? PEJORATIVE! In point of fact it is not. "DumbA$$" is pejorative. It's derogatory and not logical. "Target" is neither. Target is the exact correct term.

He, like other LIBERAL WORDSMITH HACKS prefer soft phrases, preferably non accusatory ones like "mistakes were made." (presumably by unnamed third parties) And by the way, a MISTAKE is an error without intent. It commonly describes an effort to do something specific which falls short. It's failing to carry the one, not insisting that 5+5 equals 9. Obviously a purposeful action or decision to break the rules or commit a crime is a "mistake" ONLY in the eyes of one caught.

Progressives often use "misspoke" instead of LIE. Makes it sound like putting the accent on the wrong syllable or mispronouncing a word with no intent to deceive... An example of misspoke to a Liberal is "we dodged sniper fire on the tarmac."

We must ask Ms. Clinton if assuring a grieving mother that her dead son "will receive justice when the filmmaker responsible is punished" is another example of "misspoke?"

To make the truth seem more palatable, Democrats love euphemisms: "revenues" means "taxes," "invest" means "spend," "AstroTurf" means "grass roots." "undocumented worker" means "illegal alien," "recused myself" means "avoiding perjury," "I don't recall that" means "avoiding perjury" and "I don't have a factual basis to answer that question" means "avoiding perjury."

A particular favorite is "inappropriate" in lieu of WRONG. Using your knife to eat peas is inappropriate. Targeted harassment and intimidation by the federal government is not "inappropriate." It's criminal discrimination. If Progressives were being targeted I'm sure it would also be RACIST.

"Bad or horrible customer service" generally means the service provider failed to make the experience pleasant, to be polite, provide follow-up support and and honor promises. If you order a pizza and the delivery man brings you a cold, burnt pizza, it's "bad customer service." If he is rude and overcharges you too, it's "horrible customer service." If he arrives with no pizza, forces his way inside, assaults and robs's criminal. I might also point out that we are not "customers" of the IRS. We are their employers! -

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