Sunday, June 2, 2013

Indictment for Perjury v. Attorney General Eric Holder

The following is a transcription of a monologue by former prosecutor Jeanine Pirro that lays down a startling list of criminal activities:

Count 1Perjury, for the May 15th statement before the House Judiciary Committee that you, Eric Holder, know nothing about the potential prosecution of the press -- that it's not something you've ever been involved with -- when, in truth, you not only knew the statement was not true, you personally approved the seeking of a warrant for those records.

Count 2False Statement, Knowingly making a False Statement within the matter of the jurisdiction of the Legislative Branch, for that same testimony. Although here, an enhanced sentence for Obstruction.

Count 3Aiding and Abetting, for your role in Fast and Furious, Aiding and Abetting for your letter to the House Judiciary Committee dated February 4, 2011, by your Deputy Ron Wyden stating unequivocally that there was no gun-walking and no weapons sent across the Mexican border. That statement was also a lie, which you had to admit after. 

Count 4Mispirison of Felony, for your knowledge when you had a duty to stop the gun-running to Mexico, and your failure to do so.

Count 5Perjury, for your lies to Congress that you first heard about Fast and Furious in late April of 2011 when even the president admits he knew about it before that.

Count 6Conspiracy, allowing for the use of and providing guns to the Mexican Cartels during a drug-trafficking offense in furtherance of a drug-trafficking conspiracy.

* * * * * * * * *
Eric Holder is now a political liability not only for Barack Obama, but the entire Democrat Party. Combined with the pain that Obamacare will inflict, the midterm elections are shaping up to be a disaster. That may explain why, inWalter Russell Mead's view, "the long knives may be coming out for Holder".

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