Thursday, September 19, 2013

The President and the Budget Crises - Shut Down the Government

The U.S. Senate has not done its job during the last eight years the Democrats have controlled the Senate. They have not passed a budget, let a lone on time. Now we have another new fiscal year, starting October 1st, with no budget in sight and the Democrats are blaming the Republicans, although they control the Senate.

The major issue in this year's budget confrontation is Obamacare. Some Republicans are in favor of funding the government at the levels that were agreed to last year in the Budget Control Act and not spending a single penny more of hardworking taxpayer dollars on the Obamacare train wreck.

It appears that one side agrees that Obamacare should be stopped but cannot decide how to stop the train wreck. The administration has admitted that Obamacare is a disaster because they've had to delay major portions of the law, even though it does not have the legal authority to do so. Labor unions that strongly supported Obamacare are now asking to be exempted from it. Congress and its staffers are now exempt from it as are the president's advisers. Even though it is not good enough for them it is good enough for the people.

Congress should be doing anything and everything it can to prevent this law from going into effect. They have exempted themselves but now they need to defund the entire program. Congress should pass a budget that defunds Obamacare even if it cannot pass a bill that repeals the law completely. Once it goes into effect it starts to hurt people and it's going to hurt our economy in ways that are very difficult to undo in the future.

The President is willing to shutdown the government over his health care "reform" bill. He thinks he has the support of the people to do this but even more, he plans to blame the Republicans if the government is shut down. It is not the Republicans, it is the President and his lackeys who will not see reason and defund/repeal Obamacare that will shut the government down.

The president is basically looking for a political win, and I guess his political people have told him that this is a political win: shut down the government and blame the Republicans. The problem is that it is not the Republican position. In fact, if the government shuts down it will be unfortunately because the president and his allies believe that Obamacare is so important to them that they are willing to shut down the government over it.

That is shortsighted, primarily because they are going to fight to the end to defend a disaster, something that even their own allies and labor unions are asking to be let out from.

Here's what I know to be true: The American free-enterprise system is the only economic system in human history where anyone from anywhere can accomplish anything, where people through hard work and sacrifice can achieve a better life. It has eradicated more poverty than all the government programs in the world combined. That's what free enterprise does. 

One of the things that comes to mind in free enterprise is unpredictability about the future, because people are afraid to open up new businesses or expand existing ones or invest in new products and invent new things if they're uncertain about the future. This lack of a federal budget and the certainty about future spending worries people. It's holding growth back.

So I would prefer to have a real budget. Unfortunately, for Democrats budgets are nothing but an opportunity to grow the size and scope of the government.

Sea World in Florida has just announced that 2000 people who work part time are going to have their hours reduced from 32 hours to 28 hours. This is devastating for those families but is the real world impact of Obamacare.

As for Democrats' charge that Republicans have not offered an alternative to Obamacare, Actually I don't think that's a very fair analysis. First of all, over 80 percent of Americans have healthcare coverage and most of them are happy with the coverage that they have. We do have a significant number of Americans that are uninsured for a variety of different reasons and that's what we should be focused on.

But that's not what Obamacare does. Obamacare basically takes everybody, including people that are happy with their existing coverage, and lumps them all in together in this one-size-fits-all approach that's actually hurting people that are happy with their coverage and not doing much to help people that don't have coverage now.

We need to get out the vote, particularly in the Senate, to defund/repeal Obamacare and not allow the president to shut down the government. If Obamacare was defunded huge amounts of money would be freed up to handle other budget issues.

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